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Christian D.
Property Owner

I went years managing my own properly and was hesitant to engage in a management company. After searching and doing my diligence with 3 company’s I chose Amoriss Denver. I couldn’t be more pleased with the service Nathan Staats and the team deliver. Nathan is on top of every step and follows through with speed and accuracy. Not only do they manage the properly much better that I ever could, the involvement in making good decisions and covering the variables probably saves me a lot of money in the longer run. I highly recommend Amoriss Denver to any property owner that cares about their investment.

Jeremy R.
Property Owner

Amoriss Property Management has been absolutely great to work with. As a rental property owner, I have full confidence in Amoriss to manage my properties as I would. They have been responsible, thorough and a pleasure to work with over the years. I highly recommend Amoriss Property Management to all rental property owners! Jeremy Robertson.

Ryan C.
Property Owner

Morgan and the Amoriss Team have been managing properties for me in the Denver Metro area for years now. As an absentee investor, I am looking for a few things 1. properties are managed as if the manager owns them 2. tenants are respectful to the properties and well looked after and 3. I don't hear about the daily details. Morgan makes sure all of the above happens seamlessly. Updates are timely, tenant issues are rare and service bills are at a minimum. Owning properties across the country forces me to use a couple of different property managers, Morgan and her team are by far the best and make the investor experience much more palatable. When considering property management this is the only group I would use.

Hung H.
Property Owner

I value the profesionalism and consistency that Emily exudes. As a property manager she has put my mind at ease when it comes to my home. I feel safe knowing that I can ask put my homes trust in her. Everytime and anytime I my home needs anything she is there to provide me with options for the matter. I can ask her anything and she is also great at providing feedback with all my questions. She is an outstanding property manager and I would reccommend her to anyone. She is so great that one time she even offered to do some work for me on a weekend, which is her time off! Need a reliable, consistent and knowledgable property manager? Look no further.

Becky H.
Property Owner

There is an art to communications between HOA, tenant, and property owner and this is where Emily Erickson excels.

Caroline c.
Property Owner

I would like to wholeheartedly recommend Emily Erickson as a Property Manager.I have had nothing but positive experiences with her.
She swooped in to clean up a "mess" caused by a previous property manager who was uncommunicative.unhelpful,and uncommitted. contrast,has shown a high level of commitment to my property  (a condo),which needed updates before a new tenant could move
in. She provided updates at every stage of the turnover,from the carpet installation to the deep cleaning to the minor repair of window shades.
And when my new tenant moved in, she made sure he was vetted and a perfect fit for the condo. I live 1600 miles from my condo.but I felt 100%
confident in Emily Erickson 's ability to care for my property as if it were her own .Highly recommend !

Mary M.
Property Owner

We hold Emily E. in very high regard as our property manager. I never have a problem contacting her for any reason. Also anything we need to know as to changes in the property, tenants, contracts, we hear about in a timely manner.

Dorothy WJ.
Property Owner

Emily does a great job!

Tim H.

Great Communications with me as a tenant. Any issues are quickly resolved. Very friendly and approachable.

Nancy H.

Emily is an awesome property manager.  She is always very helpful, and prompt in addressing any needs regarding the property.  I know I can depend on her to answer any questions, and reply quickly to all repair requests. It's a comfort to know that she's such a dedicated manager, and respectful of her tenet's needs.

Paige P.

Emily is very responsive to any questions or issues. She is friendly and nice to work with, Highly recommend Emily.

Jeffry C.

My family and I were in desperate need of an apartment due to unforeseen circumstances and  Emily  was able to get us  into a unit immediately. . We were not only impressed with her management but impressed with the apartment itself.  Honestly she is a life saver in my eyes  I really appreciate the quality of work ethic she brings to every area. I have really had a great experience  as a whole and I couldn't recommend her more!.   Emily is very professional and to put it  plain and simple she is just great people overall.  Thank you Emily!

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